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4 Reasons to Try Group Fitness

Group fitness is becoming more and more of a trend nowadays and that’s because everyone is catching on to the benefits. It’s social and more exciting than your average solo workout in the gym, which makes it easy to become a routine. Below are four reasons why one should take up group fitness…



No matter the time of day, some of us need that little push to get us going. According to Oxford’s Institute of Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology, group exercise unleashes ‘feel-good’ endorphins that could turn fitness into a pleasant addiction – a healthy addiction that will motivate you to keep on going!



“Individuals are more inclined to come because of social interaction and also put forth a better effort because of the group dynamics,” quoted the American Council of Exercise. The more you attend a class and become a regular - you’re bound to create friendships with those around you. Soon these buddies will expect to see you at class making you feel accountable and guilty if you don’t show up. Whether you like it or not, friends are there to support you and these relationships will aid in your health and fitness journey.  



Your gym may play some great tunes, but in group fitness you actually move to the beats! Research has proven that music can increase one’s physical ability to perform at higher levels. Music gets us pumped and group fitness puts a strong emphasis on delivering tunes that do just that. It lifts our spirits and makes every moment more enjoyable.



It’s quite hard for many to actually make the time to workout, and when they do, it’s challenging to manage it. In group fitness, you’re guaranteed a beneficial workout within a scheduled time, usually ranging from 30 to 60 minutes – it can fit perfectly into your busy schedule! 


A group of people coming together creates a powerful energy – whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you’ll feel it! But never give up after one class as it’s important to experience several variations to see what places you in your element and is best suited to your fitness level. For this reason, CityFitness exclusively provides the Mossa group fitness phenomenon in NZ, offering a huge variety of options such as;  Blast, Ride,  Zumba, Centergy, and much more – there is something for everyone!