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Feel Leaner and Stronger with a Reverse Press-up

Feel leaner and stronger with this energizing reverse press-up, using your whole body to lift yourself up from the ground. This move targets all the ‘anti-gravity’ muscles (shoulders and upper back) that become weak with aging and sedentary living (prolonged sitting being the number one culprit). Correct this by performing this reverse press up 3-5 times, holding each repetition as directed for 15-30 seconds at a time.


Repeat morning or evening (or at the end of any workout) to energize, stretch (chest, abdominals and hip flexors) and strengthen your shoulders, spinals, hip and thigh muscles—all at once!


Begin by sitting on the floor (or mat) with your legs extended and toes up and elbows bent (leaning back with
shoulders down and chest lifted). Your hands should be behind you, hip-width apart with fingers pointing toward your body; prepare to take on your bodyweight as you lean back to start.


Press your hips up off the floor by first pressing up through your arms (pushing up from the floor) until your arms are straight (keep elbows soft and shoulders down away from your ears); pointing your toes and keeping your legs straight and strong. Hold your abdominals in and chest up. Imagine lengthening your body in front, from your nose to your toes. Hold the press up as directed, breathing throughout. Exhale as you lift. Lower your hips, then lean back to starting position and repeat.