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How to make resolutions (and actually stick to them) this year

Whether you’re planning a total reinvention of yourself or simply wanting to kick a few bad habits, motivations are never higher than at the start of a new year. But as we know all too well, resolutions are hard to keep! So here are a few tips to help you set your goals for 2018 and actually stick to them.

Write them down

Writing down your goals turns them from a simple idea to something actionable. Keep your list somewhere so you can see it to keep your motivation high. And just think how satisfying it will feel to finally cross off your list once they’ve been achieved!

Don’t try to do it all in January

Don’t pin all your hopes on 31 days. If you try to do too much too quickly, you’ll burn out by February and come winter, your resolutions have been forgotten. If your goals are worth attaining, they will probably take time. So cut yourself a break if you don’t get it done in month one.

Break down large goals into manageable parts

Big resolutions can be daunting, and when you are trying to achieve something that takes time, full results will not show straight away. Break down your goals into increments. Say you want to lose 20kg this year. Instead of focusing on the large number, make a smaller goal to lose 2kg per month — sounds much more manageable and you’re still reaching your larger goal!

Accept the small failures

If you sneak a cigarette, miss a gym session or don’t put aside any savings one week, all is not lost. Slips happen and they won’t take away from your larger goal. Make a note of the triggers that caused this slip up and be more conscious of them next time.

Get a friend to join in

If you need a little extra motivation, the buddy system is a great way to stick to your plans. If you have a friend with the same goal, perfect. If not, ask someone to help remind you of your goals and keep you honest.

Good luck, we know you can do it!