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Outdoor Autumn Fitness Routines

Starting a fitness routine in the autumn is a great idea - not only is the weather cooler, the fall leaves and crisp air are perfect for outdoor exercise activities that take advantage of the weather. The best part of exercising outdoors during autumn is that you don’t get overheated. But keep in mind that as days get cooler, you’ll need to dress more warmly to be sure you don’t catch a seasonal cold.


Here are some outdoorsy ideas:


Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. All you really need is a good pair of shoes and, perhaps, some autumn weather outer gear. The key to making it enjoyable is to make it a daily thing – start with 10-minutes a day and build from there. Plan on after dinner walks with the family or before work and school. If possible, leave the car at home some days!


Hiking is absolutely beautiful during the autumn because of the beautiful foliage you can see (obviously this is true in more temperate climates). We’re lucky in New Zealand to have such an array of options so easily accessible & breathtaking!


A little more challenging than walking – jogging is a great cardio workout that will keep you warm on those chilly autumn days. Not much time is needed to work up a comfortable sweat or rapid heart beat either – allow yourself time for just 30 minutes of jogging fun!


Golf is a game that can be enjoyed all the way through the autumn. Ditch the golf-cart, however, as walking will give you a lower body workout and some cardio!

Charity Events

Many themed fundraising walking and running marathons take place this time of the year. Why not participate in an event as a family, school or work group to not only exercise your body, but contribute to a larger cause.


If you live near the water, try getting in some rowing or kayaking. Rivers aren’t as full, which may make navigating more difficult terrain a bit easier. The water will be quite cold so make sure to dress appropriately for this activity!


As the daylight hours begin to wane, you can move your exercise routine to your local CityFitness club. The variety of equipment options and group fitness classes will not only benefit your physical body, but keep you socially active in what might otherwise be those isolating months of late autumn and winter. Exercising both the mind and body is a balanced way to stay healthy and happy this season.

So, as the weather cools down and summer ends, it can become difficult to stay motivated. Trying a variety of different activities, will help keep a fresh spin on exercise and allow for confidence to build within a wide range of activities.