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Q & A with Karen - Get Inspired!

Every now and again, a little inspiration can go a long way! We recently heard about the fitness journey of one of our members at CityFitness Moorhouse and couldn't help but share it. Read on and get inspired!

How much weight you have lost and over what period of time?
23 kgs in 15 weeks.

What motivated you to start this weight loss journey?
Struggling with depression & a heart condition, also knowing I was at risk of diabetes, later in life.

Describe your workouts – what do you do?  How often? 
I train 6 days a week.  I do about an hour of cardio, then weights, then finish with 20 mins more of cardio.

Describe your diet before and after – what changes have you made?
I have had a love affair with food since a very young age, especially lollies/chocolate/chips & coke.  I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted - enough said there.  From Day 1 of my membership I went cold turkey on everything I knew was bad for me, removing anything that would tempt me to veer off track.  NO junk food or sugar!!  Eating loads of fruit & veggies/salads, chicken/tuna, trim milk, unsweetened yoghurt, Special K, brown bread & eggs.  In my first week I lost 3kg, which is all the incentive I  needed to keep me focused from week to week.

Why have you been so successful?
I believe that if you put the effort in, you will get results. Combining healthy food with regular exercise works for me and I push myself a bit harder every week.  It also helps having my gym buddy Lisa to share the journey with.  Joining CityFitness has definitely helped too - right from the moment I walk in, I am greeted with such friendliness.  As an overweight person, being at the gym can be quite intimidating. BUT I don’t feel that at CityFitness, I feel like I actually “fit in”.

What would your advice be to someone reading this who wants to lose weight too?
Don’t underestimate just how strong you are. Set yourself small goals to achieve & reward yourself when you reach them. Record your measurements before you start, as sometimes when the scales don’t reflect your hard work, I can assure you, your measurements will.